So you #loveatx, do you have a piece of local

Austin Artwork in your home?


Brushfire Collection's mission is to help every home in Austin to own piece of Austin’s creative community. We represent artists we believe in from a diverse variety of mediums and backgrounds.


We do this by bringing the best of Austin’s local arts scene to you! We'll find the right work for your office, restaurant, venue, even tiny house!  Let's begin!


We've done the research for you! We've obsessed over Austin's best artists, hand-picked and presented to you with love.

Let us know what you're looking for. Painting or sculpture? We can find the right piece for your unique space.

Installation is part of the package! You can just hang, without worrying about how to hang the art, too.


(let us help you)


The arts have made Austin the city it is, yet artists have few avenues to sell their work.


Likewise, those who want to support the arts are intimidated by the traditional process of acquiring art.

Brushfire Collection is an curated artists platform that provides consultation, installation and information services.



Shoot us a message below and we'll get back to you with the next steps. First consult is always free!


Founder and head honcho Lola Saba will work as your one-stop-shop for consulation on your taste, your space, and installation.







Let's set up a free consultation!

I'd love to show you the full range of artists I represent and help you figure out how to bring some life to your bedroom, office, tiny home, or venue!

Lola Saba    408.826.1065

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