CCTV by Lola Saba

Lola Saba




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Artist Statement: The way I have defined femininity in my life changes all the time. Feeling Fem is a collection of photographs that, to me, portray some aspect of femininity. My femininity isn’t defined by a color or an emotion. It is a huge spectrum. Many womyn in my life have shaped the way I view my femininity. This series is a large and on going copulation of portraits and street work. This work talks on on small aspects of what it is to me to feel fem. Some images are easy to interpret: the mannequin with a price on its head or the surveillance cameras.. Others are personal to me and how being femme makes me feel. While many other humans may relate to these images and ideas I’ve portrayed, my individual experience is not finite. No one person has a distinct interpretation of their femininity.  CCTV specifically is about feeling pretty and being watched or surveyed. There are many many ways to be beautiful but the iconography of a beautiful rose is classic. It represents the “perfect” kind of beauty. But even when that beauty is attained it is still under surveillance and scrutinized. One rose is looking right at the camera causing a stare off and one looks away. Either it doesn't notice or doesn’t care the viewer is watching. The other rose is staring right back at it, looking up at it. To me its about turning the tables and saying “I’m not ugly you're ugly"


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