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Hidden by Jess H. Hardcastle

Jess H Hardcastle



16” x 20” (17.5 x 21.5 framed)

photographic encaustic / carbon giclee print on cotton rag paper finished with encaustic


Frame: black float frame

Edition: 2/25


Artist Statement:

“Hidden” from the series Nigredo which is an on-going exploration of the darkness we often encounter between the major stages of our life. Here a pair of hands appear caught between worlds. It’s easy to think of personal growth as an upward movement, an accretion of awareness brought about by the light of our consciousness - that like caterpillars we are elevated to the status of butterflies by the simple addition of wings. And yet, a caterpillar must seal itself off from the certainty of its former life and allow itself to be reduced to a primordial ooze of cells before it can fly. It is only after the caterpillars former life has been irretrievably lost that it can be drawn together again into a butterfly. The thought here is that sometimes the changes and transformations we seek to make in our lives cannot take place during the day - that sometimes we need to be reduced to nothingness in the darkness to rediscover ourselves anew in the light.