Regeneration by Jess H. Hardcastle

Jess H. Hardcastle



37” x 37”

photography/carbon pigment inks on cotton rag paper mounted to wood panels and finished with encaustic

Subject: shed deer antlers


Frame: unframed / 9 panels joined by dowels

Edition: 1/1




Artist Statement:

Regeneration is part of a series of images exploring the Fibonacci Sequence. Like the spiral of seeds in a sunflower, deer antlers grow according to the Fibonacci Sequence as well. Viewed separately, each of the shed deer antlers in this image appear unique, but the similar curve they share allows them to fit together into a sphere. The mathematical ideas of the Fibonacci sequence are echoed in the golden ratio, spirals and self- similar curves but no one can explain why they appear so often in the world of art and nature.


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